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What is Participatory City?

Participatory City is an UK-based model that creates a large-scale, radically inclusive, participatory social infrastructure.

Participatory City works by creating a support structure that allows local residents to co-create thousands of practical, enjoyable activities close to where people live, built into the fabric of everyday life, and generating community wealth. This large-scale neighborhood platform cultivates agency, curiosity, and purpose among residents of diverse backgrounds to exchange, learn and share with one another.

For example, within its first two years, Participatory City’s flagship project has involved over 5,000 people in over 130 projects, generating 28,000 hours of shared time together. It has manifested in spaces where residents can cook together or develop food businesses; workshop spaces for making, repairing and learning things; festivals and knowledge-sharing events, and more.

If you would like to learn more, Participatory City has a lot of great resources on its website, especially the Illustrated Guide to Participatory City

Also, check out the video below for a good overview.

What are its results? 

Participatory City has partnered its work with top-notch data-driven research. Their data shows incredible successes: increased community health, reduced inequality, combatted gentrification, decreased isolation, and more. 

Participatory City has demonstrated that our economic, public, and political health is intrinsically linked to our place-based connections to each other

How could this happen in the Seattle area? 

We are working on figuring that out!

We are actively working on securing development funding to help build partnerships, cover incidental expenses, develop budgets and refine work plans.


Who are you?

Participatory City Seattle is currently a small group of passionate volunteers who are donating their time and energy. We are a mix of seasoned professionals with significant experience with non-profit operations, organizational and business development, community engagement, and racial and social justice advocacy.

We are still looking for help. In particular, smart people with skills, time and passion. And we need lots of funding to get this going.

Participatory City is one of the most exciting and innovative initiatives we have seen, and we believe it holds much promise in reversing our nation’s increasing polarization, tribalism, loneliness, and disconnection. Creating connection and belonging in the places where we live is part of the solution. The neighborhood is the unit of change. Participatory City has zeroed in on what it takes.

We know that big ideas often get started with something as small as a conversation, or a placeholder website. So here we are.

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